Who we are

In the market since 1998, we are a metallic trim industry located in Caxias do Sul – RS. We manufacture customized metallic inputs for garments, such as: buttons, rivets, metallic labels, ornaments, tips, eyelets and buckles. In addition, we manufacture eyelets with a focus on visual communication.

To better serve our customers, we have a team of qualified representatives to market our trims throughout Brazil. Our representatives frequently receive samples with new products, always updated according to fashion and market trends.


Seeking the highest quality of our trims, all products manufactured by Dallmac undergo rigorous quality control tests, which range from the arrival of the raw material to the packaging.

Quality tests (mechanical and chemical) take place throughout the production process, always aiming at resistance, durability and trim design. The tests are aimed at using the trims in your day-to-day life, to provide the best experience with the product, guaranteeing its functionality and a closer relationship with the customer.

In addition to quality tests, we constantly invest in updating our manufacturing facilities, keeping the production process modern and technological.


With the most modern water and chemical waste treatment system, we manufacture trims with a conscious production process. In addition, we use rainwater captured through a system of cisterns.

After using the water, it is treated and reused for about 20 days. This recycling generates savings of approximately 10m³ of water per day, reducing consumption and contributing to water conservation.

And finally, 100% of the scrap generated in the production process is returned to the plant, recycled and then returned to Dallmac as new raw material. In this way, production does not interfere with the environment.

Concerned about tomorrow and the environment, we have 129 nickel-free finishes during their production process, check them out here.

For those looking for 100% sustainable trims, we have developed Dallmac Sustainable Buttons.


We have a wide range of trims, focusing on the manufacture of stamped buttons in iron or brass, in addition to those injected in Zamac. Buttonhole and pressure buttons complement this strong product line. The metallic trims manufactured by us can be fully customized, according to the needs of each client. You can select the sizes, finishes and layouts for each product. Get in touch with us and request a special project for your company!