DallmacOur history

Quality and Innovation

Dallmac is a component industry for clothing and footwear and is located in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul. Currently located in a prominent position in the fashion business, serving customers throughout Brazil and Latin America. One of our greatest features is the constant innovation of our products and means of production, because we are in a constant process of improvement. This makes Dallmac able to attend major brands of our market. Our differential is to create partnerships with our clients by providing solutions and information about the segment. They are the ones who motivate us to relentlessly pursue innovation and quality.


Aiming to have more efficiency and effectiveness, Dallmac annually invests in its industrial park, installing the latest equipment and thus obtaining excellence in mechanical forming processes, in addition to holding the most advanced electroplating system today. As a result, we get quality products at an affordable price to our clients, together with the optimization of our delivery.


Dallmac has the most modern process of water treatment chemicals and waste, helping to preserve the environment and becoming a company in harmony with the community. This technology puts us in a unique position in relation to competitors because we produce without altering our environment. The process, in addition to dealing with chemical waste, has a system to recycle water, reducing energy consumption and contributing to water conservation.

Our Products

Dallmac has a varied range of products. Our focus is on the production of buttons stamped brass or iron, in addition to the injected Zamac. Pushbuttons and sewing buttons complement this product line. Our trimmings are present in several brands on the market of jeans wear as well as rivets. A row of eyelets, mainly used in shoes, has the most important requirements for application and durability. Furthermore, we provide a huge variety of finishes, increasing the sophistication of our products.